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Written by Nikola Đuza who helps developers improve their productivity by sharing pragmatic advice & applicable knowledge on JavaScript and Ruby. You can connect with him on Twitter.

Ultimate Vim Vue Setup

Configure Vue/Nuxt autocompletion for Vim/Neovim quickly and without a hassle

How to Upload Files in Angular

A practical guide on building an Angular application to upload and process media. Latest trends in file management for professionals and best practices for beginners.

A Guide to Service Workers

Why you’d want to use service workers, what they are, how they work and what is the difference between service workers and other workers in the browser

A Guide to Intersection Observer

Let's see how to use Intersection Observer API to determine whether the DOM element somehow intersects with the viewport, or another element

General Ruby on Rails Problems and Takeaways

In this last part of the Rails Patterns and Anti-patterns series, I'll be going over the most common problems I've encountered while building and shipping Ruby on Rails applications.

Three Ways To Avoid Duplicate Sidekiq Jobs

Sidekiq is used to handle background processing. Whatever your background jobs may be, you'll eventually run into duplicate jobs. Let's see how to de-duplicate them.

Ruby on Rails View Patterns and Anti-patterns

Rails views are sometimes amazing and fast, and at other times, they can have all sorts of issues. If you want to increase confidence over how you handle your views, then this blog post is for you.

Ruby on Rails Model Anti-patterns and Patterns

If you're struggling with models, this blog post is for you. We will quickly go through the process of putting your models on a diet and finish strongly with some things to avoid when writing migrations.

Setting Up Gatsby Blog From Scratch

This post provides a crash course in the internal workings of Gatsby by showing you how to build a simple blog on Gatsby from scratch.

Getting Started with Svelte and Rails 6

If you’re interested in how to get started with Rails and Svelte, this is the right post for you! We’ll go through the whats, the whys, and the hows between the two.

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